New Product: SuperSILENT Saw Blades Quietly Making Waves

Monday, April 28, 2014 - SuperSILENT saw blades, from industry leader NAP GLADU, feature patented innovations that extend blade life, reduce the buildup of sawdust and chips, and at the sametime reduce noise levels by a whopping 20dBs.

Patented MicroGeo saw geometry provides effortless, uninterrupted sawing in both rip and crosscut applications. The 2mm ultra-thin kerf and polycrystalline diamond tips produce smooth, scalpel-like cuts and extend blade life dramatically compared to carbide tipped blades.

This unique blade design safely and effectively directs debris away from the cutting path. Direct Chip-Guide technology captures chips during rotation and special notches located under each tooth collect dust and chips, providing efficient chip removal for superior cutting results and a cleaner board.

According to Jeannot Perron, National Sales Manager for NAP GLADUs Canadian division, “SuperSILENT blades produce great results in all types of wood and wood-based materials, as well as certain abrasive materials, such as laminates. The Super Silent blades last up to 6x longer than other blades. Their durability and versatility eliminate the need for time-consuming tool changes and re-sharpening costs” he said.

Another important feature is the significant reduction of blade noise by 20 dbs. This translates to a 75% reduction of perceived loudness, so your shop environment is significantly less noisy and workers hearing is protected

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